A Specialty Curly cut is a customized haircutting experience that is designed to enhance each individuals natural curl form.

Whatever curl type you have from slightly wavy to corkscrew the Deva cut and DevaCurl products ensure your hair's maximum curl potential.

Please arrive for haircut appointment with hair loose and naturally curly. You may have as much product in your hair that is needed to style, just no pony tails or headbands/clips/barretts please. It is important for us to observe each curl individually, and to see how it
relates to the head as a whole. Your natural wave pattern will serve as a guide to your cut. You can apply as much product as needed to get your best curls.

After consultation and examination of hair, we cut the hair dry reading each curl as we go along. Afterwards we cleanse, hydrate, and educate.
Hair is then styled, dryed and checked for any adjustments that need to be made.

We will cover Curly Hair product knowledge as well as tips for maintaining and caring for your Curls.


Questions: calarenee@calareneesalon.com  or call 978-927-7500

Scalp Cleanse: Massage non sulfate cleanser with finger tips to create friction and rinse well 1-2X’s a week Co-wash in between as much as needed.
Start at the bottom by applying a quarter to ½ dollar size conditioner and finger comb to detangle. Squeeze in a little more and do your normal shower routine while it sits. Rinse out 85% and make sure you feel silky not filmy at the end. If tangles are tough ask us about squish to condish routine.
(warm water will help spread conditioner, don’t always just add more conditioner)
Finger rake in your filler and then rope and rescrunch before adding sealer
 Amount: Size of a nickel/ dime
Add sealer by flipping over, tap/ wipe on the outer surface and start scrunching from bottom up with hand
 Amount: Size of dime, quarter, ½ dollar
Micro fiber towel/T shirt/ Baby cloth diaper use to scrunch and hold to increase curl and start the drying process.
Tight curls squeeze using a roping technique
Starting in back of crown and work forward (No clips needed if you are diffusing upside down)
If you let it dry under a hood dryer or by itself, After the curls dry you can flip and scrunch out to break up the casting and let curls free.
Set it Free is a great product that Deva makes to do this to lock in moisture and reduce frizz.



Innersense Sweet Spirit, Deva's Mister Right,

Deva's No Comb Detangling Spray,,Jessiecurl Awe Inspiring Spray or  Spray bottle mixture = 3 inches of water to 2 pumps of conditioner

Spray hair and Pat/smooth down and re scrunch up.

This will reactivate product

If frizz persists add more water and third day you may want to add a spray gel on outer layer

Sleep with hair down or in a loose "pineapple" on top of your head

Remember a satin pillow case will help a lot with frizz by reducing friction while sleeping

Our Lorraine Massey 2014 Fundraiser for Keep a child alive and Beverly Boot Straps was a huge success!

Thank you to all the curly girls that came and Donated to this amazing Event! Full pictures of all events can be found on the

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10 ways to manage those unruly curls! curly hair

Start today!

1. Don't wash every day!

Try conditioning in between washes, you will get more moisture to those naturally dry curls

2. Try a low or no laurel sulfate cleanser.
Cleansers high in Laurel Sulfate are drying to anyone’s hair, and naturally curly hair tends to be more  dry than others.
3. Leave in some conditioner.
Rinse your hair in shower but leave some conditioner in. It will give you more moisture.

4 .Towel dry with a cotton Tee-Shirt or a baby diaper or even paper towels.
These items do not have a rough edge and you should squeeze out moisture NOT RUB! You will rough up the cuticle and add frizz if you rub to much.

5. Add a "liquid gel" to moist hair.

Flip your head upside down and apply. You need even distribution of product and by being upside done and scrunching it in helps with this.


Resist touching while drying! The more you touch the more you separate the curls.
7. Use a hood dryer, dry naturally or use a diffuser.

REMEMBER For really curly frizz easy hair NO TOUCHING

8. When dry, use a cream based shine product to squeeze curl "set it free" from Deva Concepts is a great one! Spray it in your hands,
flip over and scrunch. You will get hold, shine and less  frizz through out your day.
9. Don't be afraid of product, some need much more than one thinks!

10. ENJOY YOUR CURL! Stop blow-drying the bangs, let it all go natural!

What is A Specialty Curly Cut? A cut  for you and your curls!

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