Level 4 Stylist/Owner Not taking New Clients 2021

​Curly Hair Artistry Member

Deva 3rd Level Certified and Advanced Colorist

Curl by Curl Cutting Trained by Lorraine Massey 

Cut it Kinky by Black Girl Curls 

Hours: Tuesday 9-5 Thursday 9-7 Friday 9-5 Saturday 8-4 

Cala was a graduate of Blaine Hair School in 1987. She continued her education with Clairol Colorworks and assisted Clairol Color Platform artist Shirley Sarpi. She worked in Topsfield for her first 2 years and then came to Beverly to open her salon in 1989. Her first location was 232 Cabot St and after celebrating 15 years there, she moved to 309 Rantoul St and dropped the word "Family" from the name of the salon.

In 2005 Cala completed her first Curlaboration training in NY at Devachan Salon. Cala continued her education with Devacurl and is a "Certified, Level 3" Master  Stylist .

In 2018, Lorraine Massey created her own certification which is the Curl By Curl Certification.

Cala Renee was the first salon in the US to hold this Class!

Cala's other certifications include:
Colorworks by Clairol, Master Certified in cutting and product knowledge with Aquage, 

Foil Works with All Nutrient Color, Advanced Color Certified with Coastline, Master BootCamp with Balayage  

Cala Is a proud member of the professional group Curly Hair Artistry.

Cala  encourages her staff to attend 2 classes a year and she has "in salon" training as well. Cala and her staff are well known as "Curly Hair Specialists" on  naturallycurly.com, Devacurl.com, Google and Yelp.com websites. We hope you visit those sites and view our many recommendations written by customers.


Level 4 Stylist

​Curly Hair Artistry Member

​Deva 2nd Level Advanced and Advanced Colorist

​Curl by Curl Cutting Trained by Lorraine Massey

Cut it Kinky by Black Girl Curls 

Hours : Wednesdays till 8 Thursdays 9-7 every other Saturday (8-4)

          Sarah is a graduate from Blaine Hair School in Malden. She is a Curly Hair Specialist and a Certified Hair Colorist including Balayage and Pintura.

 Sarah completed her  Certification in Curl by Curl Cutting  by Lorraine Massey, author of the book "Curly Girl, Silver Hair and owner of CurlyworldLLC. 
Sarah's other certifications include: 

Curlaboration Deva Level 1 training, Deva Advanced Level 2, Master Certified in cutting and product knowledge with Aquage,  Foil Works with All Nutrient Color, Advanced Color Certified with Coastline, Master Bootcamp with Balayage

Sarah  is also a proud  member of the professional group Curly Hair Artistry.


Assistant/Wax Specialist

Rosalynd is working as an esthetician as well as an assistant here at the salon. She specializes in waxing, and knows everything about curly hair as well. She is a graduate of Catherine Hinds School for Esthetician.

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Front Desk Receptionist

Pictures coming soon of our newest team members.


Lexy is a assistant here at the salon. She a graduate from Essex Tech and received her Cosmetology liscence in 2020. We are excited to have her on our team.

All of our Stylists are trained in  Deva Cutting and Lorraine Massey's curl by curl cutting technique. 

Lorraine Massey, previous co owner of Devachan Salon, author of the Curlygirl Handbook and

world known Curl Specialist has been such an inspiration for our Salon's mission in

Changing lives one curl at a time.




Grace is a graduate of Cosmetology School. She came from a salon in Boston and is looking to embrace curly girls through assisting here at Cala Renee Salon.



Graduate of North Shore Cosmetology She has joined our team to further her career as an assistant.

Cala Renee Team


Level 3 Curly Specialist Level 2 Stylist Color

Deva Inspired

​Curl by Curl Cutting Trained by Lorraine Massey

Hours  Wednesday 9-7 Thursday 9-7 Friday 2-7 Saturday10-5

Steph is a graduate of North Shore Tech HS and is also a graduate from Salem State College with a BS in Psychology. She has been with the salon since she was 16 years old. Steph is our Salon Manager due to her strong work ethic and her leadership skills.

Steph is also one of the salons Curl Specialist

Steph's other Certifications include:

Curlaboration Deva Level 1 training, Advanced Color Certification with Coastline, Ellan Mcdowell's cutting Training. Joico Color Line Training


Level 2 Stylist

Deva inspired

​Curl by Curl Cutting Trained by Lorraine Massey

Hours   Tuesday 9-7 Wed 9-12 Thursdays 9-7 and  Saturdays 8-4

Katerina joined our team in 2018 as an assistant. She has come to us with 2 years experience on her resume and is now a  junior stylist.

Katerina has been trained in color with Joico's Dan G.

Katerina's other Certifications;

Curlaboration Deva Inspired Level 1, Advanced Color Certified with Coastline, Completion of Cala's in house New Talent stylist program