Rosalynd Assistant


Rosalynd is a student at Peabody High School and is training for her cosmetology license in 2017.

She is another quiet one and is picking up Brittany's great head massage techniques. 

Brianna Junior Stylist/Assistant

​Stylist/Assistant/Curl Specialist

Deva Inspired and  Colorist

Brianna came from Cost Cutters with a desire to learn about our specialty curly cutting. Previously employed in Beverly at another salon she comes to us with experience and an eagerness to learn more. In 2016 she was trained with Deva and she is also a Certified colorist through Coastline.

Adreena Regular Stylist

Curl Specialist/Advanced Colorist

Deva Inspired Stylist

Adreena Arzu will be returning to the Cala Renee Salon on June 9th!

Adreena started her cosmetology career with us back in 2004, just when Lorraine Massey came into our world and shared her curl knowledge and passion. After High School and passing her Cosmo boards, Adreena decided to head to Fitchberg State to continue her education. She continued working for us while she was home until the birth of her daughter Jayda.
Since then Adreena has continued her stylists skills in coloring/highlighting/balayage and cutting. Adreena just finished her Deva level 1 training for Curly Hair cutting and is excited about coming back to the salon and embracing her curl skills. Her hours to start are Fridays 10-5. We are SO excited to have her back closer to home and on our team again.

Ashley Regular Stylist

Stylist/ Curl Specialist/Colorist

​Deva Inspired Stylist

Hours:Monday 9-4 Friday  9-5 Saturday 8-4

Ashley is a part time stylist for us at the salon, She is amazing at her job and loves to do creative coloring such as "Fashion Brights"

She is also a full time student at North Shore Community College studying Nutrition 

Jenyssa and Alex have joined our team this Spring. We look forward to updating all photos in September if not sooner.

Past and Present Staff at Play

​​Brittany Regular Stylist 

Stylist / Curl Specialist

​Deva Advanced and Hair Colorist

Off Sunday Monday 

Brittany  is a graduate of the North Shore Cosmetology program and has been at the salon since 2013.

In 2016 Brittany went to NY for her Advanced training at the Deva Academy.  She is also a Certified colorist through Coastline.

She is a little quiet, and very calming to be around. She has been through cutting classes with Ellan McDowell and is working hard on building her clientele. 

Steph  Junior Stylist/Front Desk Coordinator

Stylist Curl Specialist 

Hours  Wed -Sat.

Steph is a graduate of North Shore Tech HS and is also graduate from Salem State College with a BS in Psychology.She has been with the salon since she was 16 years old. Steph has become our Assistant's manager due to her strong work ethic and her leadership skills. Steph has been through cutting training with Ellan McDowell and is an Inspired Deva Stylist which makes her a curly hair specialist. We are glad to have her still with us as she works towards her dream career.Occupational Therapist.

Sarah Senior Stylist

Curl and Color Specialist

​Deva Inspired and Advanced Colorist

Maternity Leave May and June 2017


Wednesday 9-7​ Thursday 9-5 Saturday 8-5

Sarah is a graduate from Blaine Hair School in Malden and is a Certified Hair colorist with All Nutrient Hair color  along with the highlighting technique Pentura.

In 2010 Sarah was trained by Lorraine Massey’s Curly Girl method of cutting and styling which makes her a Curly Hair Specialist. She has also received her Foil works certification, her Master Certification for cutting and product knowledge through Aquage and she is a Certified colorist through Coastline.

Sarah  is also a proud  member of the professional group Curly Hair Artistry.

Cala Master Stylist/Owner

Curl and Color Specialist

Deva 3rd Level Certified and Advanced Colorist

Vacation:May 19 - May 27, 2017

Off Sundays  and  Wednesdays

Cala was a graduate of Blaine Hair School in 1987. She continued her education with Clairol Colorworks and assisted Clairol Color Platform artist Shirley Sarpi. She worked in Topsfield for her first 2 years and then came to Beverly to open her salon in 1989. Her first location was 232 Cabot St and after celebrating 15 years there, she moved to 309 Rantoul St and dropped the word "Family" from the name of the salon.

In 2005 and 2016 Cala went to NY and was certified with Deva Advaced cutting and pentura coloring under the Curlaboration Curly Hair Cutting, created by Lorraine Massey, author of the book "Curly Girl". 
Cala is also trained with the All Nutrient Color System and  Nu Free hair removal system.  She is Master Certified in cutting and product knowledge with Aquage and has beed certified in Foilworks as well.She is also a Certified colorist through Coastline.

Cala Is a proud member of the professional group Curly Hair Artistry and attends as many of their classes and meet ups as possible.

Cala  encourages her staff to attend 2 classes a year and she has "in salon" training as well. Cala and her staff are well known as "Curly Hair Specialists" on and websites. We hope you visit those sites and view our many recommendations written by customers.

Cala Renee Staff

Curl types: Wavy, Curly, Super Curly, Coily

Master Sylist: All Curl types  Senior Stylist: All curl types  Regular Stylist: Wavy, Curly, Super Curly Junior Stylist Wavy , Curly